Every project we work on is unique, just like you and your company

Who We Are

Hellotoys is a creative workshop based in Tehran, Iran, founded and run by Hamid Ahadi and Mohammad Sharifi.
The studio designs and creates showpieces for window installations, advertising, editorials and private collectors. Hamid and Mohammad are inspired by forgotten worlds, rare prints and the beauty of details, creating three-dimensional showpieces with uniquely developed techniques, precision and passion.


In an age of mass production and digital arts it is easy to forget the joy and beauty of hand crafted objects. We get a feel for our instinctive creations by drawing, touching, folding, and shaping. While we are aided by some of the latest technology, we strongly believe in creating with passion while employing traditional techniques. Our love for detail and timeless paper craftsmanship marks the starting point and embodiment of every project created by Hellotoys.

Focus Areas

  • Set design
  • Tactile illustrations
  • Installations
  • Window display
  • Sculpture
  • Pop Up design

Selected Clients

Shopping malls
  • Opal Mall
  • Jam Center
  • Ava Center
  • Rosha Department Store
  • Eco Mall, Karaj
  • Shemroon Center
Clothing Brands
  • Dorsa
  • Piano Kids Clothing
  • Mamina Kids Clothing
  • Bernardo Clothing
  • Mel & Moj
  • Onsor Clothing
  • Asookeh Clothing
  • Zardouz Basic
  • Lunateclothing
Restaurant Brands
  • Monsoon Lounge Restaurant
  • Cheese Factory
  • Kubaba Cafe
  • Analog Platform Cafe
  • Amir Chocolate
  • FlyLand Restaurant
Foods Brands
  • Shadli Drinks
  • Happy Life Energy Drink
  • FBR Supplement
  • Sunstar Juice
  • Tabiat.co
Jewelry Brands
  • Goharbin Jewelry Shop
  • Mozaffarian Jewelry Shop
  • Paraste Jewelry Gallery
  • Eli Jewelry Gallery
  • Sanjaaq Jewelry
Music Bands
  • Dal Band
  • Puzzle Band
  • Amir Abbas Golab
  • Kishiza
  • Mostafa Abdollah
  • Iran Novin Advertising Agency
  • Exhibition-SportEx
  • Tehran Metro Stations
  • Wojooh Beauty Stores
  • MarFar Design
  • Safir Perfumes & Cosmetics Stores
  • Sobati Custome
  • Simara
  • Yaks
  • Science Laboratories