Guardian Angel

Artist Statement:
This Angel sculpture is a testament to the beauty and grandeur of heavenly beings. With the use of a geometric low-poly style, we aimed to capture the intricate and delicate nature of the angel’s form, creating a unique and contemporary representation of this divine figure. The design of the sculpture is particularly special, as it incorporates a variety of complex shapes and lines, each representing a different aspect of the angel’s persona.
The use of luxurious materials such as Metal and high-quality Golden paint further enhances the sculptural form, creating a truly awe-inspiring work of art. Through this piece, we aimed to showcase the incredible potential of geometric low-poly style in creating intricate and dynamic sculptures that push the boundaries of traditional art.

  • Title:

    "Guardian Angel"

  • Medium:


  • Style:

    Geometric Polygonal

  • Color:


  • Dimensions:

    H: 195cm W: 108cm L: 56cm