Iron Seductress

Artist Statement:
“Iron Seductress” is an ode to the beauty and power of the feminine form. Through the use of parametric design, I sought to capture the sensuality and fluidity of a woman’s body in all its complexity. The industrial nature of the iron material serves as a juxtaposition to the soft curves and inviting posture of the sculpture. This piece celebrates the erotic energy that women possess and challenges the viewer to confront their own biases and assumptions about female sexuality. “Iron Seductress” is not merely a work of art, but a symbol of empowerment for all women who embrace their sensuality and refuse to be shamed or silenced for it.

  • Title:

    "Iron Seductress"

  • Medium:


  • Style:


  • Color:

    Dark Gray

  • Dimensions:

    H: 85cm W: 55cm