Golden Horse Head

Artist statement:
The “Golden Horse Head” sculpture is a tribute to the strength, beauty, and majesty of the horse. Through the use of parametric design, we sought to capture the dynamic energy and fluidity of the horse’s form. The industrial nature of iron as a material adds a unique contrast to the organic curves and lines of the sculpture. The golden color gives the piece a sense of luxury and refinement, elevating the horse’s natural grace and power to a new level.

The design of the sculpture is inspired by the first letter of the Arabic word “حصان”, which symbolizes the horse’s glory and nobility. The letter “ح” is depicted in the elegant curves of the horse’s head, creating a subtle yet powerful visual connection between the sculpture and the Arabic language.

This sculpture is a celebration of the enduring appeal and timeless elegance of the equine form and is a testament to the artist’s dedication to craft and creativity.

  • Title:

    "Golden Horse Head"

  • Medium:


  • Style:


  • Color:


  • Dimensions:

    H: 50cm W: 20cm